Opened in November 2011, Coast Cattery accommodation comprises 35 spacious units (including 8 interconnecting rooms plus 4 family rooms which can each cater for up to 4-cat families) – each with a private balcony so your cat can choose to bask outside in the sunshine in his/her window box or snooze inside on an electric blanket.

The Cattery is a purpose built facility which has been designed to reflect best practice guidelines.  Measuring 2.2 x 2.1 x 1 metres, the individual units provide plenty of room for both active play and peaceful relaxation.  The Cattery is fully heated and ventilated, and for your peace of mind, it is totally secure, there are smoke alarms in place, we have a vet on call, we use only green Safe4 cleaning and sanitising products, and there is no communal living – which we believe greatly reduces any risk of cross infection.

As the next best thing to home, Coast Cattery provides all the comforts of home - so toys, play sessions, ladders for the oldies and the babies, daily cuddles, soothing music with a relaxed cat’s heartbeat in the background, daily medication if required and grooming all come standard.