Before you book with us..

In the best interests of all guests, we will need to see evidence your cat's current vaccination status, so you can either scan and email that to us or bring it with you.  If this is the first time your cat has used a boarding cattery, he or she will need to see your vet for vaccinations at which time you will be provided with a vaccination record card or health record book.  Please make sure that any vaccinations are done at least 10 days prior to your cat's check in date as the vaccine is live and can be shed by your cat for those 10 days, making it a risk to other cats in the Cattery.


Coast Cattery supports the SPCA's aim of all companion cats - apart from those with registered breeders - being desexed at adolescence and so only neutered and spayed cats may stay with us.

Pick-ups and drop offs can be made on any day between 8am-11am and 4pm-6pm - visitors are welcome to view the Cattery during these hours too, no appointment is necessary.

For your convenience, we provide free pick-up and drop off for all Hibiscus Coast cats so please do ask us about this if this service would make life easier for you and your cat(s). 

To ensure you are happy with our terms, please read our Coast Cattery Contract before dropping off your cat.