Located in Stanmore Bay, Coast Cattery is the realisation of a dream for Helen Stancliffe, a local who has been involved in animal welfare and the accommodation industry since 1990.  Her passion is ensuring that cats and kittens are provided with the best possible life they can have - and that includes ensuring they have holiday accommodation which is as close to a home-like environment as possible – with lots of space and plenty of access to natural light and fresh air.


The design of Coast Cattery is the result of research carried out by Helen - both in NZ and in Australia - over 4 years. Spacious, individual units – each with a private balcony - provide cats with a choice of indoor and outdoor spaces.  There is no communal living. Working as a volunteer for CatsnCare, Helen has seen far too many cases of feline aids and cat flu, and having a cat or family of cats boarding in their own unit greatly reduces any risk of cross infection.


Coast Cattery aims to lift the standard of temporary accommodation for cats and will be aiming for best practice.  Some of the features include the provision of safe (4 watts) electric blankets in all units, individual water fountains for reluctant drinkers, and steps to the mezzanine floor for those cats not quite as spry as they used to be.  Cats have a choice of a quiet, rural outlook or a unit in which they are able to witness the daily activities of family life and the comings and goings of the Cattery.


The latest service to be offered to guests is microchipping - now considered to be absolutely essential for all companion animals to ensure they can find their way home if they stray or get lost. Helen is a registered microchipper so she can microchip cats while they stay at the Cattery, and also provide lifelong registration on the NZ Companion Animal Register.


In addition to being the principal sponsor of CatsnCare through ongoing funding, Coast Cattery will also be providing the group with units year round for their fostering activities.  Situated throughout the Cattery, these units will primarily cater for fully vaccinated adult and senior cats in order to give them a better chance in the adoption stakes.


It’s a real win-win.  By boarding their cat(s) with Coast Cattery, people know that not only is their cat having a fabulous holiday, but they will also be helping less fortunate cats and kittens.

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We also believe that we have a responsibility to our community. Because we are sad to see how many unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats are put to sleep every day, we encourage our customers to adopt cats and dogs from a local shelter or animal welfare group or to purchase one from a reputable breeder. Come to Coast Cattery and let us help you take care of your new family member.

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